Thursdays at the Maison Suger

Research seminars for Maison Suger residents
Les jeudis de la Maison Suger

Maison Suger is a residence for foreign researchers in the humanities and social sciences. In addition to its accommodation functions, the Maison Suger was conceived from its creation as a place to encourage research, scientific encounters and the sharing of approaches, methods and knowledge.

The 200 researchers who work here each year are invited to present their research at a joint seminar held on Thursdays at the Maison Suger. This seminar gives them the opportunity to compare their current research, present their issues, and compare and contrast their views and analyses, from an interdisciplinary perspective. It also aims to foster potential collaborations.

Écriture et expériences de la vie dans la littérature contemporaine d'expression française

Writing and the experience of ordinary life in contemporary French-language literature

June 20 | Adina Balint-Babos & Patrick Imbert seminar
Les voix multiples

The multiple voices of Philippe Soupault

May 30 | Agnès Whitfield seminar
Séminaire Traces de montages

Traces of Assembly: following in Walter Benjamin's footsteps at the BnF

May 16 | Paola Berenstein seminar
Jeudis de Suger

Writing the landscape: a poetic detour to address genocide in Rwanda

May 15 | Vanessa Ferreira Vieira & Rosanne Bezerra de Araujo seminar
Jeudis Suger

The meaning of emotional labor: a study of nurses

April 25 | Barbara Brandi & Isabelle Chariglione seminar
séminaire kananovich

Castle as a place of memory, or the miraculous escape of Duke Vitaut de Krewa

March 28 | Uladzimir Kananovich seminar
Séminaire Paul Videsott

Latin and French at the Capetian royal chancellery in the 13th century

Mars 21 | Paul Videsott seminar
Séminaire Processus de vieillissement et différences culturelles

Ageing processes and cultural differences

February 29 | Isabelle Chariglione & Sonia Caldas Pessoa seminar
Qualifier l'unification pour le transfert de confiance

Qualify Unification for Shifting Trust

February 22 | Berta Alvarez-Miranda seminar
Séminaire des résidents Maison Suger Giulia Freni 250123

Moon folklore in the Greek world: between agriculture, medicine and metamorphosis

January 25 | Giulia Freni seminar
Study day

López Obrador's government

January 12 | Juan Cristobal Cruz Revueltas seminar
N. Nazarov, Icone illustration 14 Déc. 2023
Study day

Ithaca on the banks of the Azov

December 14 | Nazarii Nazarov seminar
Séminaire de J. Costa Grillo. Figuration de la femme dans la céramique attique.
Study day

Body, gender and sexuality

December 7 | José Costa Grillo Seminar
Parentalité et psychanalyse dans la santé publique au Brésil
Study day

Parenting and psychoanalysis in public health in Brazil

November 9 | Eliana Rigotto Lazzarini and Katia Tarouquella Brazil seminar

Social Media Polarization in the US Election

March 29 | Michael Bailey Seminar
Yossi Maurey, Liturgie de la Sainte Chapelle - image graduel
Study day

La Sainte Chapelle

February 23 | Yossi Maurey seminar