Diffusion of publications

Promoting French and Francophone scientific production
Diffusion du livre

Created in 1981 at the request of the French Ministry of Education, FMSH Diffusion carries out a mission of general interest that aims to ensure the visibility and availability of French and Francophone scientific production.

FMSH Diffusion markets a catalog of more than 30,000 references in humanities and social sciences offered by 50 academic publishers.

Each year, the department promotes nearly 700 new titles (books and journals) to general and specialized bookstores, cultural superstores, online sales sites, and libraries.

FMSH Diffusion offers a range of services that meet the needs of academic publishers, the specificity of their production, and the expectations of their audiences. From distribution to booksellers to online sales to individuals, FMSH Diffusion offers an unparalleled commercial offer and diversified exposure.

This service is open to all academic, university, and institutional publishers in humanities and social sciences.

Distributed publishers
30 000 references
700 new products per year
60 Academic publishers
14 disciplinary fields