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Façade de la FMSH
For sixty years, the FMSH has been advancing knowledge through the humanities and social sciences. Recognized as a public utility, the foundation supports the freedom of research, fosters scientific innovation, and champions access to knowledge for all.

Guided by the conviction that the pluralism of knowledge and its free circulation contribute to progress towards inclusive and sustainable societies, the FMSH develops programmes and services open to all scientific communities operating in the humanities and social sciences.

A unique mission to accelerate research in the humanities and social sciences

Remaining true to its original mission, the foundation is committed to:

  • Defending freedom of research
  • Connecting scientific communities
  • Improving global dialogue
  • Supporting nextgen humanities and social sciences scholars
  • Bringing science and society closer

With a mission deeply rooted in the promotion of dialogue across disciplinary, cultural, and national boundaries, the FMSH champions research that contributes to our understanding of past, present, and future worlds, and helps us meet the common challenges facing humanity.

Thinking and acting in a changing world

The humanities and social sciences, in all their great diversity, give us the keys to understanding our world, by analysing the ideologies, organizations, conflicts, rhythms, languages, imaginaries, and practices of human beings in society.

Alongside the other sciences, the humanities and social sciences play a crucial role in thinking and acting in the face of the ever-increasing number of complex crises that are currently sweeping our world.

By joining the foundation, you are supporting projects that will allow us to better understand our societies, fuel public debate, and develop forward-looking solutions to meet the major social and environmental challenges of our time.

At the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, we believe in the value of knowledge, we defend the pluralism of scientific work, we strive to disseminate scientific innovation, and we preserve the freedom of scientists themselves.

Antonin Cohen, president of the FMSH
Antonin Cohen, président de la FMSH
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Programme de mobilité Atlas

Mobility and cooperation programs

Programs that facilitate the movement of researchers and the development of international research networks.
Entrée de la Maison Suger

Maison Suger

A research residence for foreign researchers invited to stay in Paris by french institutions.

Foundation prizes

Financial support to enable field projects and reward research work of NextGen researchers.


An audiovisual platform dedicated to science, giving free access to over 40,000 videos and podcasts.
Mains accrochées à une barre de métro

Éditions de la MSH

An original catalog in humanities and social sciences, echoing disciplinary debates and concerns of our time.

Diffusion of scientific publications

A service dedicated to promoting and marketing 30,000 references in the humanities and social sciences from over 60 scientific publishers.