Lun Zhang

Scientific director of the seminar Chinese Modernity, transition and reform in China

Having majored in economics and sociology at Beijing University in the mid-1980s in China, Lun Zhang became lecturer at a university in Beijing. At that time, he was amongst the first to accomplish some research in the field of economy and sociology in the context of post Cultural Revolution, using modern social science approach, while actively taking part in the intellectual debates and activities in favor of the economic and political reform in China. During the 1990s, he prepared his PH.D in sociology about the Chinese intellectuals in the Reform era, at EHESS. His intellectual interest focuses on the question of Chinese modernity and the transition in China. In recent years, as Senior Lecturer and recently Professor of Chinese Studies at the University of Cergy-Pontoise (Paris- Seine), he has also been teaching for students in bachelor, master and Ph.D degrees on Chinese economy and Chinese geopolitics in oriental Asia and in the world.        

Research projects

A modernity to construct—The Chinese great transformation: has a Chinese model of development been existing for the last four decades?   

Selections of publications

2018 (To be published) La Chine désorientée. Cinq ans d’histoire chinoise contemporaine commentés à chaud (avec le concours d’Aurore Merle), Paris, ECLM.

2012 Jubian shidai – Zhongguo, liang’an yu shijie 巨变时代——中国,两岸与世界 (L’époque du grand bouleversement. La Chine, les deux rives du détroit de Taiwan et le monde), Hong Kong, Shuyuan.

2007 Directed a special issue of « La Chine en transition : regards sociologiques » (avec Aurore Merle), Cahiers Internationaux de Sociologie, n°122.

2003 La vie intellectuelle en Chine depuis la mort de Mao, Paris, Fayard.


Modernity, transition and reform in China

Has a Chinese model of development been existing for the last four decades?


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