Modernity, transition and reform in China

Has a Chinese model of development been existing for the last four decades?

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the Chinese reform, a reform that has deeply changed and modified the world and the Chinese landscape. This seminar will deal with a question that has been polemical for a long time, in China and the rest of the world, among politics and specialists: has a Chinese model of development been existing for the last four decades? This seminar will attempt to chart the path and the stakes met at each step of the reform by analysing the debates of the last decades. Speakers will try to bring out characteristics of the Chinese development process, by comparing it to other countries, and especially other Asian country, and by re-examining development theories. The new elements that will probably influence the Chinese economy in the years to come will be analysed.

This seminar gathers several events, seminars and conferences about the Chinese reform. Several internationally renowned searchers, among the best Chinese and French economists, will intervene in this seminar. Some of them have played an important part in past and present debates on the Chinese economic reform.


Seminar organized by: Lun Zhang, Professor of Chinese studies at Cergy-Pontoise university/

This seminar will be held at the FMSH, 54 Boulevard Raspail, in Paris.


China Analysis

Séminaire Analyse de la Chine
5:00 pm
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Taïwan : les enjeux des années à venir

Taiwan: the challenges of the upcoming years

31 May | Conference organised by the international research network "Modernity, transition and reform in China".
Le travail d’historien de nos jours

The work of today's historians

3 May | A comparative perspective of two historians in different cultural and political contexts
Qu'est-ce que la Chine ?
Round table

What is China?

7 May | Round table discussion on Ge Zhaoguang's "What is China?"
Taïwan : « L'endroit le plus dangereux de la planète » ?

The Past and Present of US-China Relations and What Europe Can Do to Prevent It from Sliding into Conflict

Conference by Yawei Liu
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Published at 7 December 2017