Éditions of the MSH

Disseminating knowledge, documenting public debates
Editions de la Maison des sciences de l'homme

Since 1970, the Éditions de la MSH has been developing an original catalog in humanities and social sciences, which gather high-level scientific publications.

With more than 1,000 titles, 11 collections, 7 journals, the Editions are the expression of the Foundation's scientific policy.

The Éditions de la MSH follows an ambitious policy which combines editorial quality with new models of dissemination. It requires to borrow innovatives and complementary ways.

11 collections

  • 1 collection of essays: "Interventions"
  • 5 multidisciplinary collections: "54", "Africa(s)", "America(s)", "Asia(s)", "German Library
  • 4 collections in partnership: "Ethnologie de la France", "Documents d'archéologie française", "Passages/Passagen", "Passerelles
  • 1 exclusively digital collection: "Faber

7 journals

Our journals constitute a multidisciplinary catalog. They disseminate the results of the research in human and social sciences to the greatest number. Both available in print and digital versions, the journals follow an innovative editorial policy.

Multichannel broadcasting

The digital is at the heart of the Edition’s priorities. The technological choices make it possible to guarantee the filing of funds, to reuse the edited contents, but above all to disseminate them to multiple channels via infrastructures or digital platforms. The Editions have also made the choice of "open access" and work to offer the greatest number of medium on the web.