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Editions de la Maison des sciences de l'homme
Filippo Andolfatto

An expression of the FMSH's scientific policy, Éditions of the MSH have been developing an original catalog of over 1,200 titles in the human and social sciences since 1970. Through a critical stance and the decompartmentalization of disciplines, they provide insights into developments in our contemporary world.

11 collections

Collection Interventions, Éditions de la MSH

"Interventions" collection

Books at the heart of current events to advance public debate
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Corps rituels

"Afrique(s)" collection

A new collection dedicated to the African continent
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Collection 54, Éditions de la MSH

"54" collection

Publications from various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences
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Ethnologie de la France, Éditions de la MSH

"Ethnologie de la France et des mondes contemporains" collection

Studies on France as an ethnographic terrain
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Revue Socio, Éditions de la MSH


A sociology journal that welcomes pluridisciplinarity and promotes intellectual debate and discussion
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Langage & Société, Éditions de la MSH

Langage et société

The study of language, languages and discourse as historically and socially situated phenomena
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Les Nouvelles de l'archéologie, Éditions de la MSH

Les nouvelles de l’archéologie

The main trends and challenges facing archaeology
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Violence: An international journal, Éditions de la MSH

Violence: An international journal

Understanding about violence and building up a delineated field of research for preventing and exiting violence
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