A sociology journal that welcomes pluridisciplinarity and promotes intellectual debate and discussion
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Socio is a new journal published by Éditions de la Maison des sciences de l'homme, founded in 2013 by Michel Wieviorka. The journal recognizes the importance and utility of the classical disciplines – anthropology, sociology and so on – while at the same time promoting pluridisciplinarity.

The journal is open to all those who work on the interface with other fields of knowledge and to those – such as physicians, lawyers and social workers – who contribute through their professions to the production of socially useful knowledge. It promotes the internationalization of the humanities and social sciences and argues that the various geographical levels of analysis – local, regional, national and global – should be linked as much as possible.

Socio is published triannually in paper format and online, with papers in French and English. Each issue consists of a dossier devoted to a specific topic or issue and a section of miscellaneous papers. Socio encourages originality while ensuring that the texts published are up to academic standard; cogency of thought as much as quality of writing; diversity of approaches, as well as a concern for discussion and exchange of ideas.

Publication director:

Michel Wieviorka

Editors in chief:

Laëtitia Atlani-Duault et Michel Wieviorka

Editorial secretariat:

Soline Massot

Redaction comity:

Philippe Bataille ; Isabelle Berrebi-Hoffmann ; Alain Bourdin ; Falk Bretschneider ; Elaine Coburn ; Daniel Compagnon ; Dana Diminescu ; Jean-Pierre Dozon ; Stéphane Dufoix ; Sarah Guindani-Riquier ; Pénélope Larzillière ; Danilo Martuccelli ; Boris Petric ; Laurence Roulleau-Berger ; Arnaud Saint-Martin ; Paula Lezama Vasquez ; Laurent Vidal

International scientific comity:

Sergio Adorno ; Jeffrey C. Alexander ; Margaret Archer ; Ulrich Beck † ; Howard Becker ; Eliezer Ben-Rafaël ; Judit Bokser-Liwerant ; Michael Burawoyl ; Craig Clhoun ; Manuel Castells
Marcel Fournier ; Hans Joas ; Peilin Li ; Helga Nowotny ; Alfonso Perez-Agote ; Elisa Reis ; Saskia Sassen ; Richard Sennett ; Immanuel Wallerstein ; Björn Wittröck


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Vendredi 21 décembre 2018
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Published at 7 August 2017