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A new collection dedicated to the African continent
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Collection Afrique(s)

Afrique(s) aims to promote and publicize the work of African researchers and specialists in African studies, in view of providing diverse scientific insights into understanding the challenges and prospects in store for this complex continent. Its mission is to address the main issues currently at the heart of the humanities and social sciences.

The collection includes works ranging from monographs to more general essays, from collective works to testimonies framed by critical analyses. It gives pride of place to empirical research drawn from original fieldwork studies, while also fostering bridges of dialogue between specialists from all over Africa: north, west, east, south, centre, and the islands.
In the interest of examining connections between the continent and other regions of the world, Afrique(s) also extends its scope to consider comparative analyses with other cultural areas, particularly on issues that involve migration and diaspora. Additionally, the collection reissues major texts on Africa—some of which have never been translated into French before—, lending them fresh perspectives.

Editorial committee

Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos, Tidjani Alou Mahaman Sanoussi, Ali Bensaad, Sophie Didier, Benoît Lallau, Sarah Ben Néfissa, Mireille Razafindrakoto, Maëline Le Lay, Didier Nativel, Abdoualye Camara, Marie Miran-Guyon, Pascal Rouleau, Pascal Buléon, Mariane Bellanger

Drafting committee

Directeur des Éditions : Pascal Rouleau
Responsables scientifiques de la collection : Marie Miran-Guyon et Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos
Secrétaire de rédaction : Marianne Bellanger

Collection Afrique(s)

« Afrique(s) » collection

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Published at 28 April 2023