Nouvelles de l’Archéologie

The main trends and challenges facing archaeology

The Nouvelles de l’Archéologie present the main trends and challenges facing archaeology in France and abroad. An up-to-date forum for scientific and political debate, the Nouvelles de l’Archéologie are accessible to all professional and amateur researchers, to students, and to all individuals or institutions broadly concerned with the archaeological heritage.

Each issue of the Nouvelles de l’Archéologie includes information on the latest scientific policies, on archaeological teaching and training, on the organisation and undertaking of research, on funding and employment opportunities. Also listed are various meetings and congresses, and issues relating to the preservation and presentation of the archaeological heritage, including publications, audiovisual productions, internet sites and other means of communication. In addition, every other issue contains a special thematic section some 30 to 50 pages long.

The Nouvelles de l’Archéologie publishes commissioned as well as submitted texts. These are refereed by a reading committee, which may refuse articles or require modifications to be made. Publication of accepted articles may be deferred to subsequent issue. The Nouvelles de l’Archéologie is published with the assistance of the Maison des sciences de l’homme (Paris), the sous-direction de l’archéologie (ministère de la culture et de la communication), and the sous-direction des sciences sociales, humaines et de l’archéologie (ministère des affaires étrangères).


Publication director

Michel Wieviorka

Scientific director

François Giligny

Chief editor

Armelle Bonis

Editorial secretary

Nathalie Vaillant

Editorial board

Aline Averbouh ; Olivier Blin ; Christian Cribellier ; Séverine Hurad ; Claudine Karlin ; Sophie Méry ; Stéphen Rostain ; Nathan Schlanger ; Antide Viand.

Reading pannel

Peter Biehl ; Patrice Brun ; Michèle Brunet ; Joëlle Burnouf ; Noël Coye ; André Delpuech ; Bruno Desachy ; François Favory ; Xavier Gutherz ; Marc Antoine Kaeser ; Chantal Leroyer ; Fabienne Médard ; Christophe Moulhérat ; Agnès Rousseau ; Alain Schnapp ; Stéphanie Thiébault ; Élisabeth Zadora-Rio.


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Published at 19 December 2017