Violence: An international journal

Understanding about violence and building up a delineated field of research for preventing and exiting violence
Violence: An international journal, Éditions de la MSH

Violence, in all its forms, today constitutes a vast field of research in sociology, and in the social sciences. But the same is not true of preventing and exiting violence, which do not have their own well-structured space within the humanities. Much more empirical than theoretical, understanding of these issues is produced more by actors (NGOs, associations), experts, and practitioners than by social science scholars.

Violence: An international journal endeavors to gather together and support a large community of scholars and practitioners, focusing on two complementary yet distinct scientific and intellectual issues: the analysis of violence, in its diverse manifestations, and preventing and exiting violence. In doing so, Violence: An international journal aims to develop understanding about violence, but also to build up a delineated field of research for preventing and exiting violence, with its contributions and debates.

Each issue will be composed of a special feature, as well as other articles, debates and interviews on a wider range of topics. Violence: An international journal will also make a special effort to link together research in the social sciences and other fields of knowledge, forging bonds with literary and artistic circles in particular, with contributions dealing with exiting violence through the lens of art.

How to contribute

You can submit your contribution on the dedicated platform: Violence: An international journal - Submission.

All information concerning the submission process and the recommendations of the journal's editorial board can be found on the dedicated page of the Sage Publishing website.

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About Violence: An international journal

Violence: An international journal has been created in line with the activities of the Violence and Exiting Violence platform, established in 2015 within the Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme in Paris. The platform brings together some three hundred scholars worldwide, with an international and cross-disciplinary focus.

The journal will be entirely in English and published twice a year by Éditions de la Maison des sciences de l’homme and Sage Publishing.

First issue: June 2020

Founder: Michel Wieviorka

Editors-in-Chief: Scott Straus and Michel Wieviorka.

Editorial Board: Mohamed-Ali Adraoui | Jérôme Ferret | Sabrina Melenotte | Paola Rebughini | Agnès Favier | Sergio Salazar Araya

International Advisory Board:  Bertrand Badie | Fethi Benslama | Catherine Besteman | Judit Bokser Liwerant | Rony Brauman | Craig Calhoun | Manuel Castells | Elisabeth Claverie | Randall Collins | Martha Crenshaw | Carole Damiani | Donatella Della Porta | Mamadou Diouf | Marie-Christine Doran | Jean-Pierre Dozon | Saoud El Mawla | Nilüfer Göle | Maria Stela Grossi Porto | Wilhelm Heitmeyer | Shashi Jayakumar | Mary Kaldor | Farhad Khosrokhavar | Pascale Laborier | Yvon Le Bot | Carlos Martínez-Assad | Tarek Mitri | Ernesto Ottone | Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro | Eduardo Pizarro | Richard Rechtman | Marc Sageman | Jacques Sémelin | Natan Sznaider | Peter Wallensteen | Elisabeth Wood

Managing Editor: Thomas Coppey


Sounds of survival, weaponization of sounds

Second issue of Violence: An international journal

Perpetrating Violence

First issue of Violence: an international journal
Published at 26 September 2018