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Connecting researchers and knowledge to understand the complexity of the world
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Asserting the importance of diversity of viewpoints and methodologies, the foundation promotes international dialogue and construction of knowledge across disciplinary, cultural, and national boundaries. It supports original perspectives, multiplies viewpoints and encourages the confrontation of ideas to explore the challenges facing our societies.

Our work

  • Promote collaborations between researchers and institutions around the world: by supporting international research networks that address societal challenges.
  • Encourage scientific openness: by deploying incoming and outgoing mobility programmes for post-doctoral students and senior researchers of all nationalities.
  • Edit and translate reference texts from different geographical areas: by developing a series of book collections aimed at decompartmentalizing knowledge and making international voices heard in the Francophone field.



International research networks in HSS

The programme support the creation or strengthening of international research networks to enable scientific communities to be more structured, collaborate, and give greater visibility to their work.
Programme Atlas

Programme de mobilité Atlas

Le programme propose des aides à la mobilité pour des recherches postdoctorales en sciences humaines et sociales d’une durée de 2 à 3 mois.
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DEA Programme | Associate Research Directors

The programme provides funding to invite international scientific experts from all across the globe to come in France and enables them to carry out work in France.
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The collection aims to promote the work of African researchers and specialists in African studies, in order to offer scientific and diversified keys to understand the issues and perspectives of this complex continent.
Collection bibliotheque allemande

Bibliothèque allemande

By bringing together different approaches and disciplines, editing innovative works or translating "classics", the collection has the ambition to promote intellectual debate from Germany.

Histoires de mobilité

The podcast collection tells the international itineraries of young researchers supported by the Foundation. During these interviews, the researchers talk about their research and the impact of international mobility on their work