Participatory research to catalyze transition initiatives and strengthen territorial resilience

Ecological and inclusive transition initiatives are numerous and supported in all regions by a variety of players. They are, however, relatively isolated, in the minority and lacking in resources. Territorial anchoring associated with local networking appears necessary for them to come to structure the territories and strengthen their resilience. The primary stake of the Transilience project is the establishment of a participatory research system aimed at bringing together academics, associations, public authorities, businesses and citizens, through the development of collaborative tools making it possible to share and operationalize knowledge on transition and territorial resilience. It thus explores the following issue: to what extent can participatory research catalyze transition initiatives and strengthen the resilience of territories through the proposal of collaborative tools - multi-actor and multidisciplinary?

Project led by Léa Sébastien, Université Toulouse II, GEODE CNRS Research center

Published at 30 October 2020