Racism and Anti-Semitism: global, national and local perspectives

Research seminar 2020-2021

The seminar of the International Platform on Racism and Antisemitism intends to approach racism and anti-Semitism as a global, national and local phenomena, resulting from numerous metamorphoses and historical evolutions. The old forms of racism have not disappeared, but they are now in institutional and systemic mode, and in so-called "cultural" or "differentialist" form. Hatred and rejection of the other are now to be found on social networks (conspiracy theories, often anti-Semitic) and in algorithms. At a time of increase in identity-based movements and competition amongst victims, racist and anti-Semitic prejudice is even developing in some minorities or in groups defending minorities.

This seminar will deal with racism and anti-Semitism in a way that allows for comparison, welcoming approaches from various disciplines of the humanities (sociology, history, biology, political science, anthropology, etc.). It will consider concrete experiences, field research, without neglecting theoretical and epistemological questions.

Directors: Philippe Portier et Michel Wieviorka
Scientific coordination: Régis Meyran

Seminar sessions will held online, register for each session on the session page



Wednesday, November 18
Pauvre petit Blanc
Sylvie Laurent (Harvard, Stanford and Sciences Po)

Wednesday, December 9
La pensée blanche
Lilian Thuram 

Wednesday, January 6
Is There Room for a Cross-Atlantic Dialogue on Theories of Race and Racism?
John Solomos (Warwick University)

Wednesday, February 10
The Long Struggle for Racial Justice in the United States: Racism and Protest from the Red Summer (1919) to #BLM (2020) 
Tom Sugrue (University of New-York)

Wednesday, February 17
Relations between Jews and Muslims, a historical perspective
Benjamin Stora (Paris XIII)

Wednesday, March 10
The crisis of academic freedom in Europe: the place of anti-Semitism and anti-racism
Liviu Matei (Central European University)


Wednesday, March 24
Sinopias and Pentimenti: Conceptual Approaches and Changing Paths. Antisemitism in Latin America. A transnational perspective​
Judit Bokser (Universidad nacional autónoma de México)

Published at 9 November 2020