Sinopias and Pentimenti: Conceptual Approaches and Changing Paths

Seminar Racism and anti-Semitism | Wednesday, March 24th
6:30 pm
6:30 pm

Session originally planned on March 3rd

Session of the seminar Racism and Anti-Semitism: global, national and local perspectives with Judit Bokser.

Antisemitism in Latin America. A transnational perspective​

This session will focus on the different ideological matrices which generate anti-Semitism on the subjective effects (notably through myths and stereotypes) and behaviors (through the actions and practices in individuals and institutions); and through them, the negative identification of Jewish otherness constructed in the minds of representations of the radical foreigner or of the enemy of the group, of society, of the nation or of the state. Judit Bokser will study, from a diachronic and comprehensive perspective, the accumulation of prejudice producing hatred towards the Jews in Latin America and show how they normalize.

Judit Bokser holds a BA and a Master degree in Sociology and Political Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and earns a PhD in Political Science (summa cum laude) from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Her doctorate research focused on theoretical and practical responses of Judaism to Modernity. She is currently a Full-Time Professor of Political Science at the School of Social and Political Science at UNAM, where she has been teaching and researching since 1970.

Published at 24 March 2021