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L'abolitionnisme pénal. Geoffroy de Lagasnerie - Maison Suger

Penal abolitionism

2023-2024 programme
lauréate 2023 fonds Louis Dumont

Lost in translation

An ethnography of translation in the humanitarian field in Cambodia
Ethnologie de la France, Éditions de la MSH

"Ethnologie de la France et des mondes contemporains" collection

Studies on France as an ethnographic terrain

"54" collection

Publications from various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences

"Interventions" collection

Books at the heart of current events to advance public debate
Projet : "Pietra Dura" made in India

"Pietra Dura" made in India?

Globalization, commodification and subalternity through the lens of stone marquetry objects between Florence (Italy) and Āgrā (India)
Projet : Des organes en conflit ?

Conflicting organs?

Organ harvesting and transplantation between Israel and Palestine
Projet : Au voisinage des génocidaires

Close to the genocidaires

Monograph on a "reconciliation village" in Rwanda
Projet : Une mémoire aux mains des femmes ?

Memory in women's hands?

Study of the skills of Hmong women in French Guiana
visuel terrain_Lewa Elie_lauréat Dumont 2023

Access to land in the Dosseye refugee camp (Chad)

Between formal standards and local bureaucratic practices
Logo collection "Afrique(s)"

"Afrique(s)" collection

A new collection dedicated to the African continent
RUS-OP 2022

Russian citizens facing the war in Ukraine

RUS-OP 2022
Réseau international Islam

International Islam Network

School Policies & Societies RIPoScoS
Réseau international sur l’ÉVAluation des Politiques Pénales

International Network on the Evaluation of Criminal Policies

For the Prevention of Recidivism and Social Reintegration (EVA-3PR)