The Éditions de la MSH facing the world's challenges

In 2023, the FMSH celebrates 60 years of a 'House' of humanities and social sciences
10:00 am
5:30 pm
Les Éditions de la MSH face aux enjeux du monde

In 2023, the FMSH celebrates the 60th anniversary of the decree that gave life to Fernand Braudel's project: a "Home" for humanities and social sciences, a unique place for exchanges and scientific impetus. Founded in the 1980s, the Éditions de la MSH keep pace with this disciplinary ferment and relay the debates and new knowledge that emerged.

To put its history and the wealth of ideas it publishes into perspective, the Éditions de la MSH is organising, in partnership with some of its historic partners, a day dedicated to its missions: revealing new approaches, broadening the field of knowledge, participating in public debates, highlighting young research and translating rare languages.

The day will feature two highlights: the 40th anniversary of the collection "Ethnologie de la France et des mondes contemporains" and the presentation of three new collections based on geographical areas: "Afrique(s)", "Amerique(s)" and "Asie(s)".


Round table | 10:00 am

40 years of the collection "Ethnologie de la France et des mondes contemporains"

Introduction by Pascal Rouleau, director of the Éditions de la MSH
Moderation by Thomas Mouzard, in charge of the mission Ethnology and intangible cultural heritage at the Ministry of Culture

  • Opening by Christine Langlois about the history of the collection and its main contributions to social science publishing and research in the field of ethnology
  • Presentation of the book Limites floues, frontières vives by Christian Bromberger, Université de Provence
  • Presentation of the book La moralisation de la culture…, by Arnaud Chandivert

Coffee break

- - -

Collection presentation | 2:00 pm

Original works and translations: the challenges of the three new collections by geographical area

Introduction by Pascal Rouleau

  • Collection « Afrique(s) » | 2:00 pm

Presentation & moderation by Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos and Marie Miran, scientific managers, with:

- Agnieszka Kedzierska Manzon, author of Corps rituels : la fabrique du religieux en pays mandingue

- Gerrie ter Haar, about the French translation of the book by Stephen Ellis, La saison des pluies : l'Afrique et le monde

- Fabio Viti, author of La guerre au Baoulé : une ethnographie historique du fait guerrier

- Presentation of the translation of Bill Freund, La ville en Afrique : une histoire

  • Collection « Amérique(s) » | 15h

Under the patronage of Emmanuel Kattan and Sayri Karp, scientific managers, in the presence of members of the reading committee, with:

 - Carlo A. Celius, author of Création plastique d’Haïti : art et culture visuelle en colonie et postcolonie

 - Charlotte Recoquillon, author of Harlem, une histoire de la gentrification

 - Anne Raulin, co-scientific director of the French edition Black Metropolis (to be published in 2024)

 - Presentation of the book Colombie, pays des "passions tristes" : entre rage et haine by Mauricio Garcia Villegas

  • Collection « Asie(s) » | 16h

Presentation & moderation by Lun Zhang, scientific manager, and Pascal Rouleau, in the presence of Anne Cheng, member of the reading committee, with:

 - Tripurdaman Singh author of Nehru : les débats qui ont défini l’Inde, Jean-Luc Racine (Foreword) and Stanislas de Haldat (translator)

 - Michel Bonnin and Jiawen Sun author of Corps et politique dans la chine : sociologie de la souffrance parmi les anciens zhiqing

- Presentation of the book by Ge Zhaoguang, What is China ?

This event is being organised as part of the 60th anniversary of the Fondation Maison des sciences de l'homme.

Published at 22 September 2023