Chairs & seminars

The Fondation Maison des sciences de l'homme hosts international chairs and seminars


Ethics and Finance
The “Ethics and Finance” Chair develops a reflection on the articulation between regulation, standards and risk models.

The “Otherness” Chair is dedicated to the study of "the other" concept, the very tool of philosophy.

Territory and Population
The "Territory and Population" Chair is interested in the disintegration of borders by globalization, by free trade, by supranational organizations, by migrations, but also in the disintegration by questioning many dividing lines supposed to isolate behaviors and cultures.

Applied Geopolitics
The “Applied Geopolitics” Chair focuses on analyzing the profound changes affecting the international system in the geopolitical and strategic fields and on thinking about what it means to build just orders of peace, contrary to neo-national withdrawals.

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Modernity, transition and reform in China
This seminar focuses on a question that has long been controversial, both in China and abroad, both among specialists and politicians: is there a model of economic development specific to China?

For a non-hegemonic globalized sociology
Over the past 30 years, the scholarly debate at the global level has shown that sociology is torn between North and South, between unity and fragmentation, between methodological nationalism and methodological fluidism, between Western hegemony and the temptations of indigenization. The history and themes of these debates are little known in France, however. This seminar offers an opportunity to review them and, by inviting French and foreign specialists on the issue, to envision both the current situation and the future of the discipline from the standpoint of a non-hegemonic globalized sociology.

World History of animals
This seminar receives specialists in animal studies to understand, think, anticipate and provide tools in order to grasp the profound changes to come organizing the relationships between humans and non-humans, between all living individuals, minerals, plants and animals, including women and men belong.

The origins of globalization
This seminar proceeds to a systematic comparison of the trajectories of economic institutions and business practices in different environments, European and Asian.

Accumulation and Acceleration
In recent years, the computerization of society has updated the promises and fears that the speed of trains, cars and planes already aroused in the 19th and 20th centuries. Technical acceleration creates the need for regulation and therefore for individual and collective preparation – but without necessarily providing the means to do so.

Sociology of conflict
The seminar questions this strange change by which migration has become a major political issue in France and looks at similar cases abroad and at other times.

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