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The Origins of Globalization

- Closed project -
"Aux origines de la mondialisation et de la ‘divergence’ Europe Asie : réseaux commerciaux et trajectoire des institutions économiques"

The goal of this research initiative, coordinated by François Gipouloux (CNRS-Collège d'études mondiales), is to explore a comparative economic history (Asia/Europe), using economic institutions and trade practices as the object of study. It is an investigation, undertaken on a vast temporal scale (16th-20th century), of economic institutions that played a crucial role in the first globalization (16th century) and in the "great divergence" that subsequently occurred between Asia and Europe: commercial partnerships, capital mobilization, limited partnerships, among others. Such an analysis, which systematically links the economic history of Europe and Asia by studying their interactions, had not yet been implemented.

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Comparative Economic History Europe and Asia

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Geopolitics and economic growth: encounters between Europe and Asia, 16th-19th century

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Commerce et techniques en Asie Orientale aux 18e-19e siècles

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Empires, States and Law across Eurasia, 13th-20th century

6th EurasiaTrajeco Conference
Published at 23 October 2017