Slithering cures. Snakes and venoms in South India

Winning project 2022 of the "Arts & SHS" call
Slithering cures. Snakes and venoms in South India
Slithering cures. Snakes and venoms in South India

"Slithering Cures" is a traveling exhibition project that aims to give form to the multiple conceptions of the snake and its venom: those of patients who are victims of envenomation, biologists and herpetologists analyzing the composition of venom, industrialists involved in the manufacture of antivenom serum, and ethnicized communities specialized in the
collection of venom used by industry. By giving voice to the multiple actors of this process, through a collaborative work of investigation and a reflection on the modes of restitution (objects, images, sounds), the project intends to make palpable the interactions between humans, animals and the environment, and to make visible the contribution to industrial societies of groups often ignored such as adivasi communities and animal populations. The project mobilizes an international and multidisciplinary team combining a variety of skills, from molecular biology to anthropology, visual arts and scenography.

Project led by

Mathieu Quet, Director of Research in Sociology, IRD, Ceped

Project team

  • Marine Al Dahdah, research fellow in sociology, CNRS, French Institute of Pondicherry
  • Maïda Chavak, visual artist, scenographer
  • Mariana Gameiro, sociologist, postdoctoral fellow, Ceped
  • Camille Neff, artist, installer and independent exhibition curator
  • Thibaut Serviant-Fine, historian, postdoctoral fellow, Ceped
  • Aarthi Sridhar, doctoral student in social sciences, University of Amsterdam, founding member of the environmental association Dakshin Foundation, Bangalore
  • Kartik Sunagar, Assistant Professor in Biology, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Published at 14 February 2023