A journal that seeks to mainstream the principle of translation in scholarly debates worldwide

Founded in 2011 as a successor to Cahiers du Brésil Contemporain, the journal Brésil(s) is edited by the Centre de Recherche sur le Brésil contemporain (CRBC-Mondes américains-EHESS) and published by Editions de la MSH. It has been published online only since 2016, and can be accessed at

The journal welcomes pluridisciplinary and long-term approaches to Brazil. As the only international French-language journal on Brazil, it has adopted a bold language policy: papers are accepted in their original languages and systematically translated into French. The aim of the entire editorial committee is to boost the principle of translation into the mainstream of intellectual debates worldwide.

This semi-annual publication is open to papers in all fields. Its objective is to present a variety of themes and approaches, notably for comparative purposes. The aim is to (re)place Brazil, its history, its society, its geography, in broader perspectives that emerge from theoretical debate and empirical research that are capable of yielding fresh analyses and perceptions of the country. Each issue contains a thematic dossier and a Varia section, both consisting of previously unpublished papers.


Publication director

Michel Wieviorka

Scientific comity

Michel Agier ; Christian Azaïs ; Abel Barros Baptista ; Bertha Becker † ; Jan Bitoun ; Maria Stella Martins Bresciani ; Robert Cabanes ; Mariza Corrêa † ; Peter Fry ; João Hansen ; Bouzid Izerrougene ; Silvia Hunold Lara ; Bruno Lautier † ; David Lehmann ; Rita Olivieri-Godet ; João José Reis ; Ignacy Sachs ; Cynthia Andersen Sarti ; Stuart Schwartz ; Simon Schwartzman ; Angelo Serpa ; Robert Stam ; Hervé Théry ; Licia Valladares.

Reading and redaction comity:

Marion Aubrée ; Julien Blanc ; Véronique Boyer ; Christian Brochier ; Maud Chirio ; Christine Rufino Dabat ; Amanda Dias ; Christine Douxami ; Anaïs Fléchet ; Claudia Damasceno Fonseca ; Isabel Georges ;    Camila Giorgetti ; Jean Hébrard ; Carolina Pulici ; Sébastien Rozeaux ; Ilda Mendes dos Santos ; Michel Riaudel ; Mônica Raisa Schpun ; Sylvain Souchaud ; Jérôme Souty.

Redaction assistant

André Pagliarini, Brown University

Cover and mockup

Maira Ishtar de Luca (copyright) ; Karine Penalba, Mondes Américains (CNRS)

Manager of the online edition

Karine Penalba

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Published at 2 June 2022