Photographier les vodous Togo-Bénin, 1988-2019

Book of Catherine De Clippel
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Discover the book Photographier les vodous Togo-Bénin, 1988-2019 by Catherine De Clippel, published on October 15, 2020 at the Éditions de la MSH.

Although some museums have devoted exhibitions and publications to the photographic work of ethnologists, both apprentice and established, such as Martin Gusinde, Jean Rouch and Pierre Verger, there are few works devoted to contemporary photography, which is at the crossroads of anthropology, documentary photography and art photography. His photographic practice is made of back and forth between different disciplines, cultures, and eras, and is particularly interested in the Vodou cults of West Africa.

In the late 1980s, Catherine De Clippel collaborated with anthropologists Marc Augé, Jean-Paul Colleyn and Jean-Pierre Dozon to produce a series of documentary films.

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Photographier les vodous Togo-Bénin 1988-2019 in pictures
Published at 3 September 2020