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The Maison Suger helps to organise annual seminars
Appel à seminaires de la Maison Suger
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Appel à seminaires de la Maison Suger

As part of its scientific programme, Maison Suger supports the organisation of annual seminars involving post-doctoral students, teacher-researchers, researchers from universities and research establishments, practitioners and experts.

As part of the FMSH's scientific policy, the Maison Suger offers a space dedicated to the Foundation's priority areas and programmes. Its support is aimed in particular at partner initiatives that fall within these themes or complement them:

  • Arts & SHS thematics programmes ; international research networks on "climate and the environment"
  • Support for cross-disciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences and the hard sciences
  • Support for the creation or reinforcement of international research networks (whitespace)
  • Support for research groups working with emerging and developing countries.

We invite you to submit your proposals for seminars to be held in 2024 and 2025.


The main selection criteria for the 2024-2025 call will focus on:

  • The multidisciplinary nature of the approach or theme (several HSS disciplines) and/or interdisciplinary (HSS and other sciences) and/or other fields of knowledge or creation.
  • Particular attention will be paid to open and innovative proposals and collaborations, as well as to emerging research themes.
  • The involvement of several partners: inter-institutional seminars, collaboration with institutions or organisations outside the ESR field (foundations, associations, museums, companies, etc.).
  • The international dimension, if possible, of the organising team or the programme.
  • The place given to young researchers (doctoral and post-doctoral students).
  • The impact of the seminar: the organising team should anticipate the results and expectations resulting from the seminar (publication, definition of a research project, survey, creation of a network, etc.). Potential societal impact.
  • Highlighting the partnership with the FMSH & Maison Suger.

Teaching seminars (2nd or 3rd cycles) and introductory seminars on research methods and careers for doctoral students are not intended to be held at Maison Suger, nor are seminars organised by a single ESR institution in the Paris region, notably a member of Campus Condorcet.

Terms and conditions

The main organiser(s) must be clearly identified. They must be affiliated to a French or foreign Higher Education establishment or to a clearly identified institution or organisation (in order to be able to issue an insurance certificate). If selected, they will be responsible for running the seminar and will sign a hosting agreement. They will be the contact for the Maison Suger management and administration. The Maison Suger management must be informed as soon as possible of any change of referent(s).

    The prize-winners must mention the support of Maison Suger/FMSH in the acknowledgements of the publication and highlight this partnership in any other way they deem appropriate.

    The Maison Suger's support consists of making available free of charge:

    • Various areas (meeting rooms, kitchen, small lounge, etc.)
    • Equipment (videoconferencing, connections, etc.)
    • Administrative and technical support for staff

    It assists the organisers in communicating and publicising the seminars.

    Organisers commit to communicating their logistical and organisational requirements well in advance, as well as the content for communication, so that they can benefit from easy, high-quality support.

    Modalities of application

    The application must include:

    • Application form
    • CVs with publications of the seminar's main organisers
    • Where appropriate, a presentation of the members of the team, network, scientific council or partners
    • A one- to two-page presentation of the seminar
    • A summary of the seminar
    • A provisional programme (list of speakers or themes) and, if applicable, a list of partners
    • A provisional schedule of sessions (between mid-September 2024 and the beginning of July 2025), their frequency, with the desired days and times.

    The file should be named as follows: MS Séminaire 24-25 - Mots clés du titre du séminaire and send int PDF format.

    Applications will be evaluated by a committee made up of members of the FMSH's Scientific Advisory Board, the Foundation's Research and International Departments and Maison Suger.

    The organisers of the selected seminars will be notified by email following the committee's meeting. The list of selected seminars will be published on the website and in the FMSH newsletter.


    THE Maison Suger

    As part of its mission as an international scientific accommodation centre, the Maison Suger, in addition to its main objective of hosting foreign researchers, supports a wide range of scientific activities: initiatives by residents, research projects from incubation to completion, scientific meetings with an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional dimension, international workshops or conference, study days or recurring seminars, in the humanities and social sciences or in collaboration with other sciences, other fields of knowledge or creativity (artistic, literary, etc.)

    These activities provide residents with opportunities to exchange ideas and meet with research teams, or even to contribute to them and encourage collaboration. In this way, the Maison Suger helps to promote and disseminate scientific production with a strong interdisciplinary focus and experimental value. It provides logistical support for the creation of research communities.

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