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Applications can only be made via our online platform. Before applying, you are advised to check the eligibility criteria and to consult the submission procedures detailed below.

Eligibility: who can apply?

Any international or French researcher who meets the following criteria can submit an application;

To be eligible for a scientific residency you must:

  • be affiliated to an institution overseas;
  • be active in the field of the humanities and social sciences (HSS) in a broad sense;
  • hold at least one postdoctoral position;
  • be invited by a French research institution in the framework of a scientific project or a research programme //or// be carrying out research work that requires a stay in Paris (consultation of archival and library resources, meetings with colleagues, participation in scientific events, etc.); and
  • request a stay of between 1 month and 12 months (stays of 3 months or more are preferred. Stays of less than one month are not encouraged. Please contact the inquiries department for further information).

Important: this residence is not suitable for families or young children (under 12 years old) due to the size and layout of the premises.

Selection criteria

Applications are selected by an allocation committee composed of members of the FMSH's Executive Board and management, which meets once a month.

In addition to the quality of the research project and the relevance of the stay in Paris, the committee takes into consideration criteria including the country of origin, field of study, and host institution.

The committee pays particular attention to:

  • respect for gender equality;
  • first-time applicants - in the interests of fairness, priority is given to applications from researchers who have never or rarely been hosted at Maison Suger;
  • applications from young researchers, who benefit from fewer facilities than senior researchers;
  • researchers who encounter political or economic obstacles in their country of residence. True to its founding traditions, the FMSH has expanded its mobility and cooperation programmes to support researchers in difficulty (DEA, Atlas, Themis programmes), and Maison Suger clearly offers optimal conditions for researchers staying in Paris; and
  • projects involving rare disciplines or promoting a high degree of scholarship.
Application form

Your application form must include:

  • a curriculum vitae (2 pages maximum);
  • a detailed research project (10 to 20,000 characters), including an overview of the project, objectives and anticipated challenges, and a bibliography;
  • a study programme (purpose of the stay in Paris, work plan, etc.);
  • a list of your publication ; and
  • an invitation letter from the host institution (where applicable).

We recommend submitting an application between 4 and 6 months prior to your preferred dates of residence. I submit my application

Saisir le comité d'éthique

Le comité d'éthique peut être saisi par toute personne physique ou morale en lien avec la FMSH sur une ou des questions relatives à une situation éthique ou de suspicion de conflit d'intérêt en relation avec les activités de la Fondation. Les candidats peuvent recourir au comité d'éthique s'ils l'estiment justifié dans le cadre du processus de candidature et d'attribution des logements à la Maison Suger. 

Pour saisir le comité d’éthique, vous pouvez envoyer un mail à l'adresse