#IPEVLIVE | Navigating the Transition from Violent Radicalization in the Context of Autocracy

Transition from Violence: Lessons from the MENA Region
5:30 pm
7:30 pm

Violence and the widespread public desire to transition from violence has been a major concern in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region for many Years. More recently, the pandemic has increased the level of misery and dislocation in the MENA region amid fears that desperate current circumstances may trigger more violence. At the same time, the pandemic crisis may also present new opportunities for a more peaceful future in the MENA region and even a more hopeful model for the rest of the world.

To discuss these risks and opportunities, the Fondation Maison de Sciences de l’Homme is launching #IPEVLIVE, a series of eight live conversations as part of IPEV - International Panel on Exiting Violence.

Join us for the first session of #IPEVLive: Navigating the Transition from Violent Radicalization in the Context of Autocracy

This panel will explore the emergence of radicalization within contemporary Islam that further complicates efforts to reduce and eliminate violence in the MENA region.

Scholars tracking this issue will discuss the current relationship between Salafism and jihadism and outline research projects and ideas that would better illuminate the role of political and religious doctrines on the probable outcome of efforts to transition from violence.


  • Andrew Lebovich, Policy Fellow at European Council on Foreign Relations
  • Mohamed-Ali Adraoui, Senior Fellow at the Middle East Institute
  • Sari Hanafi, chair of the department of sociology, anthropology and media studies at the American University of Beirut

Moderated by Hal Plotkin, an American journalist and broadcaster and a former Senior Policy Advisor in the administration of the U.S. President Barack Obama.

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Published at 18 May 2021