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International panel on exiting violence

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- Analyse the processes involved in exiting violence -

While there exists a substantial amount of research on the subject of violence, both its causes and modalities, little exists on exiting violence.

Contemporary forms of violence, their tragic consequences – exile, forced migration, all sorts of crises – and the challenges encountered by those who are working towards putting an end to these issues, invite us to bridge this gap and begin laying the groundwork for a new research field.

The International Panel on Exiting Violence (IPEV) is a multidisciplinary community of researchers and specialists who have gained international recognition for their work on contemporary forms of violence. Its objective is to produce an analytical report containing recommendations for political and social decision-makers.

For a period of two years, nearly two hundred researchers from all over the world will contribute to the analysis of the processes involved in exiting violence as part of an ongoing dialogue with policy-makers and practitioners.

A new research field

Current research on exiting violence is still essentially sparse, monographic and confined to certain expertise. It is therefore a matter of meeting the existing critical need for collective and collaborative analysis in order to provide the basis for structuring and laying the foundations of a new research field, the objective of which will be to go beyond expertise and extend the scope of research in the areas of peacebuilding and human rights.

An innovative method

A new approach

Established within a cross-border and multidisciplinary perspective, the panel is equipped to put several levels of analysis into perspective, such as transitional justice, peace-building, individual reconstruction and the development of collective memory. Particular emphasis is placed on the situation in the Middle East.

Dialogue with policy-makers and practitioners

The final report and its recommendations will be widely disseminated with a view to informing and hopefully guiding public action. Throughout the project, political and social stakeholders, NGOs and international institutions will all be invited to comment on the initiative and its results and express their views on the subject.


Carnegie Corporation of New York |  Conseil supérieur de la formation et de la recherche stratégique | Commissariat Général à l’Égalité des territoires



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Published at 14 April 2021