Hong Kong: protests, politics and identity

Conference | Tuesday, November 12th
10:00 am
10:00 am

Hong Kong, the “pearl of the Orient” and long considered as a quintessential commercial city, has seen serious political protests since summer 2019. The whole world has witnessed the images broadcast in the media and international press. Numerous signs inside and outside China show that this immense country and its relations with the world are entering a new period of great uncertainty. In this historic moment, what is happening in Hong Kong, the symbolic city of modern China, delivers certain messages for the future of Hong Kong and China.

What factors are at the origin of these protest movements? What will be the impact in the formation of a new Hong Kong identity? What can be expected from the political evolution in Hong Kong and the relations between the city and the continent and the outside world? This symposium, organized by Professor Lun Zhang, attempts to clarify these issues.

Several important Hong Kong academics and intellectuals, both actors and privileged observers of these protests and the political and cultural evolution of these last few decades to Hong Kong will be present to show their analysis. They will also dialogue with French Hong Kong specialists.



Amphithéatre François Furet, 105 bd Raspail, Paris 6

10h - 11h20 Un été pour la liberté et l’avenir d’un pays, deux systèmes
| Chow Po Chung (周保松 Chinese University of Hong Kong)*

11h20 - 12h Un pays, deux systèmes : la dimension tragique
| Michel Bonnin (EHESS)

12h - 12h30 Débats et échanges


13h30 - 14h50 Regarder Hong Kong de l’intérieur: Hybrité, Nativité et Subjectivité
| Chan Koon Chung  (陳冠中, writer and essayist)*

14h50 - 16h10 De l’Asie du Sud-Est à la Chine : comment l’identité devient une question politique à Hong Kong ?
| Leung Man Tao ( 梁文道, writer and journalist)*

16h20 - 17h La musique de protestation à Hong Kong: expressivité, identité et culture politique
| Sebastian Veg (Research director, EHESS)

17h - 18h Table ronde : Hong Kong et l’avenir de la Chine


Conference organised by Lun Zhang, scientific director of the seminar Chinese Modernity, transition and reform in China
With the support of EHESS, AGORA (EA 7392) and the Centre de recherche EU-Chine.

* Interventions with consecutive translation in French.

Published at 12 November 2019