Stefaan Jansen

Invited Researcher of DEA Programme
Stay in France: from March 3th to April 6th, 2020

Stef Jansen is Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Manchester (UK). Based on long term ethnographic research in the post-Yugoslav states of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia, his work aims to contribute to critical anthropological understandings of everyday experiences of contemporary political transformations.

The project

Title: Bordering Bosnia and Herzegovina: a historical anthropology in postcolonial perspective

Keywords: home-making, hope, statecraft, borders, antinationalism, political subjectivity

Selected publications


  • Yearnings in the Meantime: 'Normal Life' and The State in a Sarajevo Apartment Complex (Berghahn, 2015, 2018)
  • Negotiating Social Relations in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Semiperipheral Entanglements (Routledge, 2016, co-edited with Čarna Brković and Vanja Čelebičić)
  • Struggles for Home: Violence, Hope and the Movement of People (Berghahn, 2008, co-edited with Staffan Löfving)
  • Antinacionalizam: etnografija otpora u Zagrebu i Beogradu (XX Vek, 2005)

A list of further publications is available on: