María Emma Wills Obregôn

Invited Researcher of DEA Programme
Stay in France: from September 27 to November 4, 2018

Since 2012, Dr. Wills is Advisor to the Director at the Colombian National Center for Historical Memory (NCHM). In 2014, amidst the conversations between the guerrilla group FARC and the Colombian Government in La Havana, Dr. Wills was designated as the only woman among 14 scholars who each had the task to elaborate an explanatory narrative of the armed conflict and presented to public opinion. She has also been leading “improbable” and often difficult conversations as a contribution towards peace, in particular with the Colombian Security Sector. She has organized international seminars and opened the door to the reconstruction of memories of military and police members who were victims of events Violating IHL.

The project 

Title: The Colombian National Center for Historical Memory's Trajectory from a critical engaged perspective


Transitional Justice/ Historical memory/ Symbolic Reparation/ State policies on historical memory

Selected publications

  • Wills Obregôn, Maria Emma, Camila Medina, Maria Luisa Moreno and Viviana Quintero. (2011) Mujeres y guerra. Victimas y resistentes en el Caribe colombiano 1997-2005. [Women and War. Victims and Resistant from Colombia's Caribe (1997-2005)].Bogotá: Taurus, Fundaciôn Semana, CNRR-GMH. Also on webpage: mujeresyguerra.pdf
  • Wills Obregôn, Maria Emma, Pilar Riaño, Esther Polo and Viviana Quintero. (2011) Mujeres que hacen historia. Tierra, cuerpo y politica en el Caribe colombiano [WomenMakingHistory. Land, the body and Politics in the Colombian Caribbean]. Bogotá: Taurus, FundaciénSemana, CNRR-GMH. Also on web page: biografias genero.pdf
  • Wills Obregôn, Maria Emma. (2011) La memoria histérica en perspectiva de género. Conceptos y herramientas metodolégicas. [Historical MemoryReconstructionfrom a GenderPerspective. Conceptual and Methodological Tools]. Bogotá: ONU-Muijeres, CNRR-GMH.
    Alsoon web page:file:///C:/Users/Mar%C3%ADa%20Emma/Downloads/la reconstruccion de la memoria historica desde la perspectiva de genero final%20(2).pdf
  • Wills Obregôn, Maria Emma. (2007). Inclusiôn sin representaciôn. La irrupciôn politica de las mujeres en Colombia (1970-2000). [inclusion WithoutRepresentation: Women'sBreakthrough in ColombianPolitics (1979-2000)]. Bogotá: Editorial Norma.
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