Maria del Rosario Radakovich

Invited Researcher of the DEA Programme
Stay in France: from April 29 to June 25, 2019

Rosario Radakovich is Associate Professor in the Information and Communication Faculty (FIC) at the ‘Universidad de la República’ (UDELAR, Uruguay). She is Phd in Sociology at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil. She has a specialization in “Audiovisual Content in the Digital Era” (UAB, Catalunya) and “International Studies” (UDELAR). She is researcher of the National Agency of Innovation and Research (ANNI), Level I in Uruguay. Her work focuses on tastes and cultural consumption patterns, creative industries and cinema, and cultural and audiovisual policies.

The project 

TitleAu-delà des algorithmes. Politiques culturelles cinématographiques sur les plateformes numériques 

Keywords: Cultural tastes – Cultural practices – Cultural consumption – Global Studies – Cultural Policies – Cinema – Cinematographic policies – Audiovisual policies - Digital era

Selectied publications


  • Radakovich, R. The taste for cinema. UDELAR, 2019 (in press).
  • Radakovich, R. (coord) et al. Innovative creative industries. National cinema during the 2000’s, UDELAR, Montevideo, 2014.
  • Radakovich, R. Cultural portrait. Montevideo from opera to cumbia, UDELAR, Montevideo, 2011. 
  • --------------------“Television territories”. Cal y Canto/FHUCE, Montevideo,  september, 2004. 

Articles in journals, chapters of books:

  • Journal Article: Love for cinema undergoing transformations. Brill’s Global Studies Book Org. Cicchelli, V., Octobre, S. Reigel, V. 2018 (under evaluation).
  • Book chapter: El cine uruguayo y la música en los años dos mil: nuevas incursiones en el género musical. En: Maia, G., Zavala, L. El cine musical en América Latina. EDUFBA, Salvador, 2018, pp.575-599. 
  • Journal Article: Uruguayan cinema in the 2000’s. Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies, 2017 (under evaluation).
  • Journal Article: Cinema publics in Uruguay. Alteridades, Mexico DF, 2015.
  • Report. Co-author. Cultural diversity goals in Uruguay. Unesco Report, Montevideo, 2015.
  • Report. Co-author. Communication development indicators Uruguay. Unesco, Montevideo, 2016.
  • Journal Article: Revisited tastes. Diálogos, UFBA, Salvador de Bahia, 2014.
  • Book co-author. Dominzaín, S and Radakovich, R. et al. Third Survey. Imaginaries and cultural consumption in Uruguay 2014.
  • Report. Radakovich, R. et al. Mapping Digital Media Uruguay. OSF, 2014.
  • Article in book: “Leisure time in Uruguay. Historic and cultural trends”. In: Moodi, I. (org) Leissure and life through the ages. New Delhi, Sage, 2013 (press).
  • Working paper. Buquet, G, Lanza, E, Radakovich, R. Television content in Uruguay. Fesur, Montevideo, 2013.
  • Article in book: “Inequality´s symbolic frontiers in Montevideo” In: Serna, M. (coord.) Poverty and (in) equality in Uruguay. CLACSO, FCS, UDELAR, 2010.
  • Book co-ahutor. Dominzain et al. Second Survey. Imaginaries and cultural   consumption in Uruguay 2009. (Two chapters)
  • Book co-author: Achugar et. Al. Culture in poverty situation. Montevideo, 2009.
  • Book co-author: Papadópulos, Jorge and Radakovich, Rosario. “High Education and Gender in Uruguay”. IESALC/UNESCO-UDUAL-ANUIES, 2005.
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