Sciences and society

Spreading knowledge to citizen to nurture an informed society

While the development of new media favors unprecedented forms of disinformation, whether individual or governmental, access to reliable information is a major issue. In response to increasing resistance to rational discourse, the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of the scientific approach are more essential than ever.

The Foundation develops high value-added services to ensure availability and dissemination of scientific production. To support this general interest mission, entrusted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Foundation deploys a large number of actions to foster encounters between researchers and citizens.

How we work

  • Make knowledge accessible to the greatest possible number of people: by disseminating the scientific book and developing an online video and podcast platform for knowledge-producing institutions.
  • Promote encounters with the humanities and social sciences: by developing physical or virtual places to explore and discuss with the science.
  • Introduce the scientific process : by developing audiovisual productions and by organizing events aiming at making known the methodologies, works and results of the research in HSS.
  • Contribute to public debate: by publishing collections of demanding but accessible books and establishes media partnerships.
Diffusion du livre

Dissemination of scientific literature

FMSH Diffusion promote a catalog of more than 30,000 references in humanities and social sciences offered by 60 academic publishers.


Dedicated to higher education and research, Canal-U is a national platform open to knowledge-producing institutions wishing to disseminate and promote their video and podcasts. It offers privileged access to French and and Francophone scientific audiovisual production.

Le Comptoir

Located on the first floor of the Foundation, Le Comptoir is a place dedicated to the promotion and discovery of humanities and social sciences that combines the sale of books and journals with an original scientific and cultural programme.
Collection Interventions


This book collection offers rigorous and demanding works, written in an accessible language, and willing to contribute to the public debate on major social issues.
Plumes d'écriture

Des livres et des auteur·e·s

In this collection of podcasts, the authors of the Editions de la Maison des sciences de l'homme talk about their work and their writing process.
Collection Matières premières, podcasts FMSH

Matière première

A new collection of podcasts which opens the doors to the intimacy of researchers
Livres en dialogue

Livres en dialogue

Dedicated to new publications in the humanities and social sciences, the series "Livres en dialogue" offers unique encounters confronting the project of an author to the interpretation of a reader specialized in the subject: journalist, artist, politicians, etc.