Valeria Galimi

Invited Researcher of DEA Programme Stay in France: from May 2th to June 12th, 2022

Valeria Galimi is Professor (Professore Associato) in Contemporary History at the University of Florence. Doctor in History (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa), she has conducted research and teaching activities in Italy, France, Israel and the United States. She works on the political and cultural history of France in the twentieth century, anti-Semitism and fascism in Europe, the history of intellectuals in the interwar period, the Second World War and the Holocaust.

The project

Title: Ordinary violence and street antisemitism in the French urban space of the interwar period

Keywords: Antisemitism, France, interwar period, microhistory

Selected publications:

  • 2020. V. Galimi, P. Dogliani (eds.), L’Italia del 1946 vista dall’Europa [1946 Italy seen from  Europe], Rome, Viella.
  • 2020. V. Galimi, A. Gori (eds.), Intellectuals in the Latin space during the era of  Fascism. Crossing borders, London, Routledge;
  • 2019. G. von Frijtag, V. Galimi, (eds.), “Microcosms of the Holocaust: Exploring New Venues into Small-Scale Research of the Holocaust”, Special Issue, Journal of Genocide Research, n. 3.
  • 2019. “A Microcosm in Florence: Jewish-Gentile Interactions from the Fascist Regime to the Holocaust”, Journal of Genocide Research, 21, 3: 359-377.
  • 2019. “The image of “all good Italians. The Eichmann trial seen from Italy”, Journal of Modern Italian Studies, Special Issue edited by A. Capristo, E. Ialongo, v. 24: 115-124;
  • 2018. Sotto gli occhi di tutti. La società italiana e le persecuzioni contro gli ebrei [Under everyone’s eyes. Italian Society and persecution against the Jews], Florence, Le  Monnier;
  • 2015. “Il Welt-Dienst di Erfurt: prime note su un centro transnazionale dell’antisemitismo degli anni ’30”, H. Paulo, A. Pena (eds.), A cultura do poder. A propaganda nos estados autoritarios, Coimbra, Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra: 315-332.
  • 2012. “The “New Racist Man”. Italian Society and the Fascist Anti-Jewish Laws”, in G. Albanese, R. Pergher (eds.), In the Society of Fascists, Acclamation, Acquiescence, and Agency in Mussolini’s Italy, New York, Palgrave Macmillan: 149-168.
  • 2006. L’antisemitismo in azione. Pratiche antiebraiche nella Francia degli anni Trenta [Antisemitism in Action. Anti-jewish practices in France during the 1930s], Milan, Unicopli.
Published at 19 April 2022