Susi Geiger

Invited Researcher in residence at Maison Suger from November 1st to December 4th, 2022

Susi Geiger is a Professor of Marketing & Market Studies at University College Dublin’s Smurfit School of Business, Dublin/Ireland. Prof Geiger’s research focuses on issues of distributional justice and the collective good in markets with multiple and conflicting stakeholder interests, particularly healthcare. She holds a highly prestigious ERC Grant entitled “MISFIRES” or market innovation for the collective good (2018-2024). Prof Geiger has held other prestigious grants in the past; she has been a Visiting Professor at several highly-ranked Universities globally, and she has published over sixty academic journal articles and three books.

The project

Title: Peak Pharma: Drugs, Value Extraction and Global Discontent in Pharmaceutical Markets

Keywords: Pharmaceutical markets, healthcare, market shaping, social movements, public good, digital health

Selected publications

  • Bourgeron, Théo & Susi Geiger (2022): Building the weak hand of the state: Tracing the market boundaries of high pharmaceutical prices in France. New Political Economy 27(5), 837-850.
  • Geiger, Susi & Aisling McMahon (2022):  An institutional analysis of the landscape and proliferation of proposals for Global Vaccine Equity for COVID-19: Too Many Cooks or too many Recipes? Journal of Medical Ethics. 
  • Bourgeron, Théo & Susi Geiger (2022): “(De-)Assetising Pharmaceutical Patents: Patent Contestations Behind a Blockbuster Drug”. Economy & Society Vol. 51(1), 23-45
  • Geiger, Susi & Nicole Gross: “A tidal wave of inevitable data? Assetization in the consumer genetics testing industry“ Business & Society Vol. 60(3), 614-649.
  • Geiger Susi (ed.) (2021): Healthcare Activism: Markets, Morals, and the Collective Good. Oxford University Press.
Published at 18 October 2022