Stefania Achella

Invited Researcher of DEA Programme Stay in France: from May 20th to 1st July, 2022

After a Phd in philosophy at the University of Naples, devoted to lessons on the philosophy of religion of Hegel, Stefania Achella was a researcher at the University of Naples and the Superior Normal School of Pisa. Since 2018 she was a lecturer at the University of Chieti-Pescara where she teaches moral philosophy. 

The projet

Title: Biology and philosophy. The place of Bichat and Cuvier in German speculative idealism

Keywords: German philosophy, relationship between philosophy and biology in the nineteenth century, French Hegelianism, Italian Hegelianism

Selected publications:

  • Disembodied idealism? A new reading of Hegel, in «Teoria», special issue “The body and its surplus”, XLI/2021/1, pp. 53-70.
  • Recognizing Females. Hegel’s Antigone-Device, in «Itinerari», special issue “Recognition of life”, LX/2021, pp. 255-270.
  • The Dark Side of Thought. The Body, the Unconscious and Madness in Hegel’s Philosophy, in The Owl’s FlightHegel’s Legacy to Contemporary Philosophy, ed. by S. Achella, F. Iannelli, G. Baptist, S. Feloj, F. Li Vigni and C. Melica, De Gruyter, Berlin/Boston 2021, pp. 23-36.
  • Reason and Life. Attempting a dialogue between Jacobi and Hegel, in «Archivio di Filosofia», LXXXVIII, 2020, nn. 2-3, pp. 87-98.
  • Pensare la vita. Saggio su Hegel, Il Mulino, Bologna 2020 (book), pp. 1-319.
  • Die Subjektivität und das Unbewusste, in «Hegel-Jahrbuch», 2019, pp. 243-248.
  • How should we think about a trans-cultural hermeneutics? A controversy between Wilhelm von Humboldt and Georg Friedrich Hegel. In: G. Scarafile; A. Fabris, Controversies in the Contemporary World, Benjamins, Amsterdam 2019, pp. 69-84.
Published at 21 April 2022