Rima Khawam

Invited Researcher of DEA Programme Stay in France: from May 15 to June 15, 2019

Since 2013-2014, Rima Khawam is a doctor specializing in funerary archeology in the Near-Middle Preceramic Neolithic. Curator of the Prehistory Department of the National Museum of Damascus, Syria. Co-Scientific Director with Danielle Stordeur of the archaeological site of Tell Aswad, Syria. Researcher and member of the Department of Excavations and Archaeological Studies DGAM (Syria). Researcher associated with the laboratory, UMR 1533 Archéorient, House of the Orient and the Mediterranean, Lyon. 

The project 

Title: A new synthesis on the funerary practices in the Neolithic of the Middle East: methodology, documentary research and enhancement of the archives.

Keywords: Prehistory, Epipaleolithic, Neolithic, PPNA, PPNB, Funerary Practices, Archeothanatology, Anthropology, Overmodeled Skulls, Syria, Near East

Selected publications

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Published at 15 May 2019