Maura Benegiamo

Postdoctoral fellow under the Chair Ecology, Labor, Employment and Social Policy


Maura Benegiamo obtained her doctorate at the University IUAV of Venice and she was a visiting fellow at the LAIOS-EHESS laboratory in Paris. She has conducted research activities in Italy, Central America and sub-Saharan Africa, on the subject of environmental conflicts, extractive policies and agricultural development, with a political ecology approach declining Marxism and postcolonial perspectives. After her doctorate, she collaborated with the “Sustainable Agrifood Systems Strategies” project at the University of Milan Bicocca. She is a member of the Politics Ontology Ecology (POE) research group ( Her research interests focus on crises-related transformations of the relationship between capital and nature and connected processes of resistance, participation and transformation involving human and non-human subjects.

Maura Benegiamo is currently working as postdoctoral fellow at the College d'études mondiales under the Chair Ecology, Labor, Employment and Social Policy.

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Ecology, Work, Employment

Ecological Reconversion, Work, and Social Policy
Published at 18 February 2019