Judith Nora Hardt

Postdoctoral fellowship within the programme initiated by the Centre de recherche en sciences sociales de Berlin (WZB)


Judith Nora Hardt holds a doctoral title and a Diploma of Advances Studies (DEA) in International Relations and International Law from the University of the Basque Country, Bilbao (Spain) and a Bachelor of Science in International Forest Ecosystem Management from the University for Sustainable Development, Eberswalde (Germany).

 Since June 2017 she is an associated Postdoctoral Researcher at the Research Group “Climate Change and Security” at the University of Hamburg (Germany). She is also associated with the Institute for Development and International Cooperation Studies (HEGOA) at the University of the Basque Country (Bilbao).

She has worked as a lecturer for nature conservation and socioeconomics at the University for Sustainable Development, Eberswalde (Germany), and as a visiting Research Fellow at the Humboldt University of Berlin, in the Department of Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

Her particular research interests are Green Political Theory, Global Environmental Governance, Environmental Security in the Anthropocene, Geopolitics, Critical Security Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies and how to bring these in connection to socio-ecological transformation.

Research project

New Perspective of the Socio-ecological Crisis.

Selective Bibliography


Hardt, Judith Nora, Environmental Security in the Anthropocene: Assessing Theory and Practice, London: Routledge.

Books chapter

Hardt, Judith Nora “Environmental security in the Anthropocene: critical analysis of normative pathways”, in Hickmann, Thomas; Partzsch, Lena; Pattberg, Philipp and Weiland, Sabine (eds.) Environmental Politics in the Anthropocene. Political Science Perspectives on the Debate, London: Routledge.

Hardt, Judith Nora (2012) “Critical Deconstruction of Environmental Security and Human Security Concepts in the Anthropocene”, in Scheffran, Jürgen; Brzoska, Michael; Brauch, Hans Günter; Link, Peter Michael and Schilling, Janpeter (eds.) Climate Change, Human Security and Violent Conflict – Challenges to Social Stability, Hexagon Series on Human and Environmental Security and Peace, vol. VIII, Berlin: Springer, pp. 207-221.614

Journal articles

Hardt, Judith Nora (2009) “The environmental challenge and development: evolution of the theoretical concepts and the international institutional initiatives” (original title: La problemática medioambiental y el desarrollo: La evolución de los avances teóricos y de las iniciativas institucionales internacionales), in Revista Trabajos y Ensayos, 9,

Hardt, Judith Nora (2008) “Environmental Security in the Theory and Practice of International Relations”  (original title: Seguridad medioambiental en la teoría y en la práctica de las Relaciones Internacionales), in Revista Trabajos y Ensayos, 7

Changing Societies

Programme franco-allemand initié par le Centre de recherche en sciences sociales de Berlin (WZB)
Published at 16 May 2018