Ines Ciolli

Researcher in residence at the Maison Suger | July 2023
Ines Ciolli 2

Ines Ciolli is Associate professor of constitutional law at Sapienza University in Rome, she has worked on social rights, the concept of territory in constitutional law, and the verticalisation of executive power as an authoritarian process in recent years. A visiting professor at the University of Saint Etienne in 2022, she also spent some time at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Law in Heidelberg.

The project

Title: The care of democracy: between relationship and participation.
"It is a question of re-reading the coordinates of the democratic form in order to read it in the context of inclusion and solidarity (fraternity). After the pandemic, it is clear that only through human relationships (and with the planet) can we save the world and create a form of active participation."

Research interests: Social rights, the categories of space and time in law (law of future generations), tax duties and solidarity, verticalisation of executive powers, democratic forms and their evolution, the relationship between economics and law in the 21st century

Hosting Institution: Bibliothèque Cujas

Selective bibliography

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Published at 7 July 2023