Ghislaine Azémard

Chairholder of the UNESCO ITEN Chair


Professor of universities in information and communication sciences (SCI), Ghislaine Azémard heads the team "Digital Writing and Hypermedia" Paragraphe Laboratory at the University Paris 8. She is responsible for the master "Creation, Innovation, Digital Information »University Paris-8 (common area: Culture and Communication, University Paris 8, University Paris 13). She also directs the LEDEN 2 program of the House of Sciences of the Man Paris Nord (University Paris 8, University Paris 13, National Center for Scientific Research).

She is a specialist in cross-media editorial policies and has the concern to compare the technologies they generate with technologies.

His research is specialized in the field of interactive e-mediations, scientific, cultural, educational and territorial, and conducted as part of the research program and digital creation LEDEN.


Digital innovation in transmission and publishing



The FMSH is coordinating a new ANR on the development of multimedia archives
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Published at 23 September 2016