Digital innovation in transmission and publishing

The ITEN UNESCO Chair is based on interdisciplinary research, training and experimentation around new digital forms of mediation, transmission and publishing. It specialises in the field of new media and digital humanities.


These activities are structured around several objectives:

• To devise an interdisciplinary theoretical framework for describing contemporary transmission processes;

• To design, create and evaluate new cross-media systems for transmitting and publishing information;

• To study and propose new forms of mediation in the areas of culture, science, local government and education, based on new information & communication technologies;

• To set up an experimental space centred around digital applications (e.g. interactive displays, touchscreen tables and smart objects).

The research team aims to gain an understanding of the communication, psychological and sociocognitive phenomena brought about by the mass use of new information & communication  technologies in new learning modes. They will assess their actual impact through experimental protocols and propose innovative teaching and publishing devices.

This research and experimentation chair is also intended to bring academic and business partners together  around the subject of the transformation of transmission modes that is currently taking place as a result of new digital technologies.


Research topics

Digitising data in the fields of science, culture and heritage and organising these data within accessible, complex interactive systems are an important area in the development of new information & communication technology and vital tools in terms of transmission.

Research into the user-friendliness, semantics and aesthetics of digital representation and mediation are opening up a field of inquiry that will be essential in terms of creating innovative publishing tools that meet this need. It is on the basis of this rationale that the Digital Research and Creation programme is conducting research into uses for interactive, touch-screen, mobile and cross-media systems and carrying out a series of multimedia projects that take an innovative approach in terms of creation, interfaces and technologies, while at the same time ensuring that the content is of high scientific and cultural value.

The team working under the UNESCO Chair on Digital Innovation in Transmission and Publishing has taken as its specialist area the subject of digital mediation in four sectors : education, science, local government and culture.

2012-2013 activities

Partnership with the Computer Network Information Center de l'Académie des Sciences de Chine.

Partnership with China New Media Development Zone Beijing New Media Joint Lab.
See .

Participation to the Annual Conference of  Zhongguancun, Beijing sept. 13 & 14 2012
See : Innovation experts meet in Zhongguancun, China Daily, 13/09/2012.

Le livre 100 notions pour le crossmedia et le transmedia est publié en 3 langues : français, anglais et chinois (People Education Press of China) en 2013.
Une plate-forme collaborative pour créer une interactivité autour de l’ouvrage 100 notions pour le crossmedia et le transmedia a été aussi mise en place et permet d’échanger des avis scientifiques, des expériences et des savoir-faire sur le contenu et le domaine d’étude. Cette plateforme fait écho au livre et est aussi complétée par une application pour mobiles et tablettes. Sur cette plateforme : scientifiques, apprenants et professionnels échangent sur les NTIC et peuvent partager des évènements liés à cette communauté.



Chairsholder: Ghislaine Azémard




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Séminaire | Mercredi 18 mars

Heritage Fabric in the Digital Age

6th Hyperheritage International Symposium | 13 & 14 november

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Blockchain: practices and perspectives

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