Ekaterina Iliushechkina

Invited Researcher of DEA Programme Stay in France: from June 15 to July 28, 2019

Ekaterina Iliushechkina studied Classical Philology and Ancient History at the Moscow State Lomonossov University (Magister 2000), then she started her research on the Historical Geography at the Russian Academy of Science (Institute of general History, Moscow). She continued working on her topic first as a DAAD-fellow (Jahresstipendium 2002-2003) and as an Alexander-von-Humboldt-fellow (Bundeskanzler-Stipendium, 2003-2004) at the Department of Classics at the Munich University. In 2010 she defended her PhD-thesis “Studien zu Dionysios von Alexandrien” (in German) at the Groningen University (Netherlands, Ubbo-Emmius-Scholarship 2005-2009). In October 2011-April 2014 she was a visiting researcher at the Friedrich-Meinecke-Institute, Freie Universität Berlin. Since January 2015 Ekaterina Iliushechkina is an assistant professor at the School of Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (Moscow, Russia).

The project 

Title: The axe 1 (“Power, territories, mobility”) of the research center “Archaeoloy and Philology of East and West” 

Keywords: Historical geography, representation of geographical knowledge in the non-professional texts, ancient world viewing, Neolatin commentaries on the ancient texts, Pliny the Elder, Solinus, Claudius Salmasius    

Selected publications

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Published at 24 June 2019