Boris Podoroga

Laureate of the 2023 Atlas programme
Boris Podoroga

Boris Podoroga completed a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and postgraduate studies (“aspirantura”) in the Russian State University of Humanities (RSUH) on the faculty of philosophy. Boris Podoroga holds the diplomas of philosopher and the doctoral degree (Kandidat of sciences in Philosophy) (2015). He specializes on post-structuralist criticism of Western technological rationality. In his doctoral thesis he analyzed the concept of ‘Gestalt’ in the Oswald Spengler’s philosophy. He tried to describe the work of this concept in Spengler’s philosophy as the production of criticism of ‘mechanical’, ‘atomistic’ European civilization from the point of view of ‘Gestalt’ which presuppose the holistic, organical view on history of the West. In his major articles (from 2017-2022) he upgrades his research with the French poststructuralism thought which helped him to overwhelm the conservative essentialism of Spengler’s criticism. This allowed him to developpe the deliberative approach to epistemological and political criticism of the western technological ratio, which is based on the thought of Bernard Stiegler. Now he continues his research and preparing a series of papers and reports on this issue.

The project

Title: Reason after post-structuralism: political anthropology of Bernard Stiegler.

Keywords: Reason, Bernard Stiegler, post-structuralism, anthropology, technical objects, political practice.

Selection of publications

Evolution of Technical Systems in Gilbert Simondon Philosophical Thought // Knowledge, Understanding, Art. № 4, Moscow, 2022, pp. 134-144.

Concretization of Industrial Machine in the Light of Gilbert Simondon’s Individuation Theory // Knowledge, Understanding, Art. № 3, Moscow, 2022, pp. 79- 89.

Logos and Prosthesis: Bernard Stiegler’s Theory of Tertiary Memory. Vestnik Of Northern (Arctic) Federal University Series “Humanitarian and Social Sciences” No. 6, Arkhangelsk, 2020, pp. 90-99.

Faulty Creation: Bernard Stiegler on Birth of Arts Narrative. Knowledge, Understanding, Art. № 4, Moscow, 2020, pp. 79-89.

Essay on Bernard Stiegler’s History of Mnemotechnics. Omsk scientific bulletin, Series «Society. History. Modernity», Volume 5, No. 4, Omsk, 2020, pp. 42-54.

"Building a relationship with the public authorities: the Russian Red Cross in search of its role", The Russian Review, No. 4, 2020, pp. 145-157.

"The Red Cross and Covid-19: what continuities and transformations of social action at a local level in Russia? A CENS Project, 2020,

Published at 23 March 2023