Belén Fernández-García

Invited Researcher at Maison Suger Stay in France: from September 1st to Novembre 30th, 2022

Belén Fernández-García is PhD in Political Science from the University of Granada (Spain) and a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Málaga. She was a visiting scholar at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (the Netherlands) and the Institute for German and International Political Party Law and Research (Düsseldorf, Germany). She also was a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon (Portugal). Her principal research interests lie in the area of populism, radical right, political parties and political communication. She is a member of the board of directors of the Spanish Association of Political Science.

The project

Title: The parliamentary agenda of populism in Spain : An analysis of the behaviour and impact of left-wing and right-wing populism in the Congress of Deputies.

Keywords: populism, radical right, political parties

Selected publications

  • B Fernández-García, S Salgado (2022). Discourses about Fake News, Conspiracies and Counterknowledge in Spain. Western Journal of Communication 86 (4), 561-580
  • B Fernández-García, Á Valencia Sáiz (2022). De la calle a las instituciones: la evolución del mensaje populista de Podemos (2014-2019). Revista de Estudios Políticos 195 (enero-marzo), 97-‍123.
  • B Fernández-García, Á Valencia Sáiz (2022). Nacionalismo y populismo en el contexto de las elecciones catalanas de 2021: el populismo al servicio de agendas nacionalistas enfrentadas. Revista española de ciencia política, 13-42.
  • J Schwörer, B Fernández-García (2021). Demonisation of political discourses? How mainstream parties talk about the populist radical right. West European Politics 44 (7), 1401-1424.
  • J Schwörer, B Fernández-García (2021). Religion on the rise again? A longitudinal analysis of religious dimensions in election manifestos of Western European parties. Party Politics 27 (6): 1160–1171.
Published at 18 October 2022