Ammar Kandeel

Invited Researcher of Atlas Programme Stay in France: from September 1st to November 30th, 2022

Ammar Kandeel holds a doctorate in French and comparative literature from the University Paul Valéry Montpellier 3 (France). He is currently a postdoctoral researcher specializing in literary, artistic and scenic representations of Palestinians in France and the United States.

The projet 

TitleLe conflit israélo-palestinien en bande dessinée. L’enjeu des discontinuités mémorielles dans la construction transmédiale d’un savoir historique

Keywords: Identités exiliques palestiniennes dans les arts et la littérature, Historiographies et écritures mémorielles des Palestiniens, Dialogues et transferts culturels entre les Palestiniens et l’Occident

Selected publications

  • Kandeel, Ammar. (2023). “Le réfugié palestinien en stand-up Netflix Special : pouvoir et création d’une identité migratoire dans The Vagabond de Mo Amer”. In Stand-up Today: History, Genesis, and Dynamics. Adrienne Boutang & Matthiew Pires (Ed.) Franche-Comté: Presses Universitaires de Franche-Comté. (Under publication).*/authIdHal_i/1148365  [Peer-reviewed Book Chapter]. This chapter is one of the first inquiries on the representations of the Palestinian refugees in the artistic performance of stand-up comedy. It is also one of the first studies on the role of Netflix specials as an emergent medium in constructing migratory identities of the Palestinians.
  • Kandeel, Ammar. (2022). “La (ré-)écriture des récits historiques de l’expulsion palestinienne de 1948. Evolution d’un rééquilibre épistémique dans l’historiographie française de 1967 à 2002”. Working Papers Series, paper no. 23, September 2022, Arab Council for Social Sciences, , [Peer-reviewed Working Paper]. This paper is one of the first attempts to study the re-writing of the Palestinian Nakba in France. Based on my ATLAS postdoctoral mobility in France, it highlights the transnational connections between French, Israeli, and diasporic Palestinian historiographies and their role in rebalancing historical testimonial injustices.
  • Kandeel, Ammar. (2022). “Mémoires palestiniennes de la marginalité : Edward Said et Elias Sanbar”. Imprévue (1): 119-126. .*/authIdHal_i/1148365  [Peer-Reviewed Article]. This article focuses on the implications of the exiled marginality of the Palestinians on other potential types of marginalities, namely the temporal marginality. It is one of the first works to compare the conceptions of two major diasporic Palestinian figures: E. Said and E. Sanbar.
  • Kandeel, Ammar. (2021). “Edward Said : le texte et l’invention d’un autre lieu dans la photographie”. Revue Tunisienne des Langues Vivantes (24): 125-131. [Journal Article]. This article goes beyond the major scholarly focus on Edward Said’s criticism on orientalism and political writings by studying his aesthetic imagination through his reading of Jean Mohr’s photography of Palestinians in After the Last Sky. Palestinian Lives (1986).
  • Kandeel, Ammar. (2019). “Le savoir palestinien : une cartographie des appropriations décoloniales”. Nouveaux imaginaires (2). URL: [Conference Paper]. This paper investigates the artistic and epistemological techniques of Palestinian scholars to appropriate other historical experiences of colonized peoples.
  • Kandeel, Ammar. (2019). “Penser les intellectuels français, dans l'histoire & dans le monde”, Acta fabula (20 :10). URL: [Book Review] This book review analyzes the contribution of François Dosse, one of the most important intellectual historians in France today, to the study of French intellectuals and their relation to the world.
  • Kandeel, Ammar. (2014). “Edward Said ou les conditions d’une critique politique” Acta fabula, vol. 15, no 3. URL: [Book Review]. This book review is dedicated to analyzing the first Francophone monography on Edward Said.
  • Kandeel, Ammar, Meynier, Fabien. (2014). “Les disciplines à l’épreuve : l’image d’Abbas Kiarostami entre cinéma et poésie”. A l’épreuve (1). URL: entre-cin%C3%A9ma-et-po%C3%A9sie. [Journal Article]. This co-authored article questions the relations between literature and film studies by analyzing the poetic writing style of Haiku in Kiarostami’s film making.



Ammar Kandeel

La bande dessinée pour construire un savoir historique, by Ammar Kandeel

Histoires de mobilité #10
Published at 3 November 2022