The Lions's Share, Act 2. What's Behind China's Anti-Corruption Campaign?

Working paper de Guilhem Fabre

As we have seen in a previous working paper (« The lion’s share : What’s behind China’s economic slowdown ? »), China’s elite have largely benefited from control of state assets and manipulation of the factors market (land, labor and capital) during the first decade of this century. Along with strong growth and social mobility, the accumulation of wealth has created some of the most flagrant social polarization worldwide, much higher than the official statistics. Instead of taking concrete measures to correct these inequalities, according to the new blueprint of reforms launched by the 3rd Plenum in November 2013, the new direction has focused on a gigantic campaign against corruption. The choice of the « tigers » targeted at the highest  level reflect an aspect of political infighting.

The author

Guilhem Fabre, sinologist and socio-economist, is a professor at the Faculty of International Affairs of the University of Le Havre and co-leader of the seminar BRICs of the FMSH / EHESS, with Xavier Richet, Pierre Salama, Michel Schiray and Julien Vercueil. His work focuses on China and globalization. He is the author of Les prospérités du crime : Trafic de stupéfiants, blanchiment et crises financières dans l’après guerre froide, Presses académiques francophones, 2013 and of Instants Eternels : Cent et quelques poèmes connus par cœur en Chine, La Différence, 2014.

The text

Two preliminary versions of this paper were presented at the BRICS Seminar in Moscow (October 2014, People’s Friendship University), and in the FMSH, Paris ( January 2015). This working paper will be presented at the BRIC Seminar to be held in April 2015 at the CESP, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. The author thanks his colleagues Victor Rodwin (NYU), Pierre Salama (BRICS Seminar, FMSH) and Zhang Ning (China Centre, EHESS) for their very useful comments and revision of this working paper.
In the same series, the author published a previous working paper, entitled The Lion’s Share. What’s behind China’s economic slowdown, FMSH-WP-2013-53, october, 2013 (

Published at 21 April 2015