How to Study the Pauline Commentaires of Stephen Langton?

The Origin and the History of Transmission of Langton’s Commentary on the Letter of St. Paul to the Romans.

The importance of Stephen Langton’s Commentary on the Letters of St. Paul has been known for a long time; nevertheless, a precise examination of that text was almost impossible due to the fact that the complex history of transmission of that work remained veiled. The article offers the basic tools of a future study and edition of Langton’s Commentary, and in particular of his Commentary on the Romans. It analyses and compares the different redactions of the writing, it reconstructs the relationship among the manuscripts, and it examines and evaluates the previous hypotheses.

The author

Magdalena Bieniak holds a PhD in Philosophy and History of Ideas (Università di Padova and Université de Paris Sorbonne – Paris IV, co-tutelle). She is an assistant professor at the University of Warsaw, the author of The Soul-Body Problem at Paris, ca. 1200-1250. Hugh of St-Cher and His Contemporaries, Leuven University Press, 2010, and co-author (together with Riccardo Quinto) of the critical edition of Stephen Langton’s Quaestiones theologiae, Book I, Oxford University Press, 2014.

The text

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013 - MSCA-COFUND) under grant agreement n°245743 - Post-doctoral programme Braudel-IFER-FMSH, in collaboration with LabEx HaStec (EPHE) et IRHT (CNRS).

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Published at 6 April 2018