War studies

To address the intensity and diversity of conflict in the modern world, war studies examine the warrior phenomenon as seen as a 'total social fact' (historical, political, economical, cultural, philosophical, etc.). Such studies know that, in the words of Charles Tilly, society makes war and war makes society. Considering war in this day and age therefore requires revising the analytical frameworks and focusing on an interdisciplinary (where several social science disciplines overlap) and distinctly international approach.

The research chair will examine two key areas of research:

◆◆ It will focus on studying the technical, social and institutional changes of war in the 21st century (military robotisation, privatisation of the army, virtualisation of war, hybridation of war, greening of war).

◆◆ It will also question the legitimacy of war, giving rise to ethical questions (the right to enter into war, right to war, right after war, the latter linking with 'peace studies', which focus on conflict prevention and resolution).


Jean-Vincent Holeindre, Professor of Political Sciences, Université de Poitiers;

Olivier Schmitt, Center for War Studies, University of Southern Denmark; General

Benoît Durieux, Director of the Centre des hautes études militaires (Centre for advanced military studies) (CHEM).



Published at 6 October 2015