Socioeconomic of globalization and development : from social business to solidarity economy

Seminar 2017-2018 of the "Démocratie et économie plurielles" researsh initiative

Globalization and financialisation processes reshape action and intervention methods in the scope qualified as "development". There is a growing mixed up between development and fight against poverty projects and politics on one hand, and capitalism and marketplace on the other hand. The increasing interest from development organisations and companies in social business, the bottom of the pyramid or the financing impact, is an illustration of this trend. There are also unprecedented citizen's intitiatives of production, consumption and funding. Called (or autocalled) solidarity, alternative or communal economy, they claim innovative conceptions of wealth, democracy and relation to politic.

Based on several school of thoughts (socioeconomy, economic anthropology, feminism), this seminar offers a critical and possibilistic reading grid of those different practices: critical because it studies the way those practices renew or inflect domination and exploitation processes; possibilistic because it brings to light the way those practices can sometimes shake and transform notions of wealth, production, social reproduction and politic commitment.

This seminar is organised by Isabelle Guérin, research director at IRD et Jean-Louis Laville, professor at CNAM.

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11 January 2018