PoCFIN Seminar

Chair Ethics and finance Seminar

PoCfiN (Post-Crisis finance research network) is an international network created by KEDGE BS and the Collège d'études mondiales, FMSH, and integrated with SDSN France.

Through its research chairs, educational innovations, and interactions with decision makers, PoCFIN is helping to renew the field of academic finance to meet the 21st century climate, social and economic challenges.

PoCFIN members work on the development of methods, representations and concepts for a renewed economic and financial analysis.

The research presented at the PoCFIN seminar allows to go beyond the old neoclassical model that has dominated since the 1970s and reflect international socio-economic initiatives based on an expanded definition of "Value". It involves mobilizing social sciences to question, in an interdisciplinary perspective, the relationships between Finance and Society at macro, meso and microeconomic levels; and thus contribute to open a space of dialogue conducive to the renewal of public practices, norms and regulations.

Programme 2019

The first three sessions of the seminar are held at KEDGE BS, Campus de Luminy

  • Les enjeux de la finance comme commun par Bernard Paranque | Jeudi 24 janvier de 18h à 20h
  • The social making of finance par Yamina Tadjeddine | Mardi 26 février de 9h à 11h
  • SME finance reconsidered par Ciaran Mac an Bhaird | Date à venir

The following three sessions are held at the FMSH

  • Le mythe du Golem et la technique par Mara Maftei | Mercredi 10 avril de 16h30 à 18h30
  • The social making of finance par Yamina Tadjeddine | Mardi 14 mai de 16h30 à 18h30
  • Intervention de Valérie Charolles (to be confirmed)
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19 March 2019