Inequalities of "power of action" and justice of the ecological transition

Evaluate the notion of power of action

The design and implementation of an ambitious ecological transition causes tensions between socioeconomic and environmental objectives. Examining the distributive, often regressive, consequences of transition policies says nothing about the differences in the ability of households to act, as these differences fuel the sense of injustice of the transition. To conceptualize them, the project proposes a notion of "power of action", which integrates the context of individual situations and the "room for maneuver" available to individuals, such as psychological and normative dimensions of acting. The international and interdisciplinary collaboration brought together by the project aims to clarify and assess this notion from considerations of public economy, behavioral economics and practical philosophy, and to clarify its role in designing fair and effective public transition policies.

Project led by Antonin Pottier, EHESS

Published at 30 October 2020