Global Philanthropy and Education

The size, scope and impact of philanthropic organizations on development assistance have never been greater. In the United States, recent data indicates that revenues, expenditures, and assets in the sector are growing. Foundations are experiencing strong growth, a second golden age comparable to the period when these organizations were gaining legal recognition. Despite a significant slowdown during the Great Recession, growth also characterizes the long-term trend of individual giving. Much more than an American phenomenon, efforts to document transnational trends in philanthropic, not-for-profit, and civil society-led initiatives reveal a burgeoning global model. This research project aims to highlight the role of American philanthropy in development aid through the relationship of American foundations with private and public universities, research institutes, cultural centers, schools and continuing education in the Global South, and especially in Africa. This research project is hosted by Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme in Paris.

Philanthropy in education initiative

This initiative is organized and facilitated by NORRAG which has put together a global symposium series. The opening event took place in Geneva in November 2017, followed by a joint presention in Mexico City in March 2018, a symposium in Beijing in January 2018, and several upcoming events in South Africa and the UAE. We are currently working on an editing volume Philanthropy in Education: Diverse Perspectives and Global Trends. The volume includes chapters from authors with diverse voices on the many ways in which philanthropic actors are engaging not only with local education sectors, in a variety of countries including Brazil, Peru, Nigeria, the USA and India, but also larger trends in the sector such as new approaches to finance, the role of global policy partnerships and expanded possibilities for corporate social responsibility through corporate foundations. 

Fabrice Jaumont’s participation in this symposium series is made possible with the support of Carnegie Corporation.


In Progress

Rethinking the Relationship between Foundations and Universities on Africa’s Development Agenda. In N’Dri T. Assie-Lumumba (ed.) African Renaissance, Education, and Social Transformation: Endogenous Foundation, Historical Contingencies, and Purposeful Fusion for Africa’s Progress. (CODESRIA Publishing, n.d., accepted). With Teboho Moja.

Collaboration in Development despite a Relationship of Unequals between American Foundations and African Universities in Natasha Ridge and Arushi Terway (eds.) Philanthropy in Education (Edward Elgar Publishing, n.d., accepted). With Teboho Moja.



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Published at 14 February 2019